Hi, guys! Welcome to the official site for downloading Kingroot Apk. Today we have to talk about KingRoot. As you know, KingRoot App is very simple and more powerful tool for rooting your Android devices and PC. It is a Chinese app and available in English versions also developed by KingRoot studio.Here you can download KingRoot apk freely.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process through this you can get the privileged access of your Android operating system or PC, and you became an admin of your device.The rooting process is simple if you did correctly otherwise it would become a risk on the warranty of your device.

Yes, there is a risk but Rooting your device by using KingRoot app reduces your risk level and also it makes your job more easy, better and faster.

Most of the customers recommend KingRoot App because it provides more features such as removing Bloatware, block Ads, increases battery life, etc. and also it is completely Free. We can uninstall KingRoot whenever we want using SuperSu app. so we would not doubt why KingRoot is popular among other Rooting apps.

KingRoot app for Android

Nowadays Android phones and tablet are mostly used because of their advanced available features. But we do not use some default apps in our phones that only takes a lot of memory space and we are unable to delete them. To solve these kinds of problems we root our device especially we use KingRootapk. This is an app that provides the safest way and it available in different versions that compatible with most of the Android models.

There are many versions available that would be compatible with Android 2.2 to 6. But the latest version KingRoot 6.0 only suitable for marshmallow 6 and Nougat 7.

How to Root your Android Mobile or Tablet using KingRoot App

KingRoot app requires simple steps to follow; then you can Root your android device easily. For rooting your Android mobile safely using Kingroot app kindly follow the below steps.

Download Kingroot apk for Android:

  • Download  KingRoot apk app by the clicking the given link.

download kingroot apk for android

How To Install Kingroot Apk in Android:

  • After downloading, open the Kingroot apk file to begin the installation.
  • Skip this step if your device doesn’t  show the message as installation blocked.If it shows then go to settings->security->tick the unknown source box

  • Under installation screen, click the Install button to install Kingroot apk in your android.

How to Use Kingroot Apk App in Android

  •  Once installation complete, press open to start up KingRoot App.

How To Root Android Using Kingroot App:

  • The next screen appears press try it and then get now button to start the rooting.

  • Next, it will start rooting after it reaches 100% it returns to the main screen. During rebooting process it will restart many times, so don’t worry about that.
  • To ensure your device is rooted or not, login to Play Store search Root Checker and choose and click Verify Root to check your Rooting would be successful or not.

How to root your Android using PC with KingRoot Apk

KingRoot app is also used for rooting your Android mobile via PC. For this, you should download KingRoot Exe file that is Kingroot App for PC but there is no English version, and it is available only in Chinese sorry for that, but we have a perfect tutorial to install kingroot PC app.

Download Kingroot App for PC

  • Download the kingRoot App for PC using given the link.
    download kingroot apk for pc

How to use Kingroot App in PC

  • After downloading, run the executable file to install king root app on your PC.
  • On the screen there are two options available in Chinese are下一步 denotes next, 取消 denotes cancel.
  • You click 下一步 (next) to go to a next screen.
  • Then select 我同意此协议(agreement&terms) and then click下一步 to go to a next screen.
  • In next screen choose the file location and then click下一步 for go to a next screen.
  • Wait for the installation to complete then click 完成(completed).
  • Connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable. Once connected it will automatically detect your Android version and model.
  • If there is no driver, KingRooter will install it in your PC; driver installation requires an internet connection.
  • If your PC already have the driver, then KingRoot automatically detect it and move to next step.
  • Enable the debug mode and then click 尝试 Root indicates attempts to root.
  • Rooting will begin, and during rooting, it will reboot several times.
  • Finally, you receive a message as a huge tick on your PC and now you will safe to close the application.
  • After finishing all the process, use Root Checker to check your root succeeded or not.

Features of KingRoot

  • It is a one click root tool That means you can root your device with just a few clicks.
  • It supports a large number of devices in the Android world.
  • The success rate is 98.2%.
  • Identify the mobile and chooses the best rooting method, so we don’t have confusion to select what.
  • Compatible with more number of Android devices
  • It will frequently be updated and have new features to done a job efficiently.
  • Easy to debug and fix errors.
  • User-friendly app.
  • Smooth interface.
  • Easy to uninstall.

Benefits of using KingRoot

Rooting offers many benefits to the user such as

Removing of bloatware

There are some default system applications that is installed by the manufacturer. Some of them are not used by users and also occupies a lot of storage area. The user cannot able to uninstalled them in such situation Rooting is the best way to remove them. In fact, Kingroot apk will do this task more efficient manner.

Improve battery life

We all faced the battery draining issue in our Android device but we can able to improve our battery life by rooting your device with kingroot app. It is possible only by rooting the device and installing the apps such as greenify and amplify.

Custom ROM flashing

Are you tired of Stock ROM then move on to many custom ROM by rooting your Android device with kingroot apk Manufacturer created lockdowns can be freed up and the technical data erased. It is irrespective of your device and you can able to add new features.

Custom kernel flashing

Kernel acts as an intermediate between the operating system and the hardware devices. Custom kernel flashing allows you to increase battery life, better performance, and added capability to handle extra features.

Block Ads

Users dislike ads. But most of the application has many Ads it causes irritate for the user. This problem can be solved by rooting the device with KingRoot and installing AD blocking apps such as AdAway.Because KingRoot App do not directly remove Ads


  • AdAway has easy setup
  • Cannot be downloaded on google play.

Efficient backup

You can back up data from apps. It provides the way to access data where you stopped. Using titanium back-up provides a way to restore app or data or app+data.

Purify app from app drawer

After complete rooting process, you will see purify app from app drawer, through this you can save battery, can clear cache, optimize your battery performance, etc.

Freely available

We don’t pay for rooting or any other charges. It is completely free.

How to uninstall a KingRoot Apk

Are you feared of Kingroot app don’t worry it is easy to uninstall. Once we uninstall kingroot apk, the mobile will come back to original state. To uninstall a KingRoot app follow the steps below:

By SuperSU

  • First, install SuperSU from the Google play store
  • Open the app and tap to setting option.
  • In settings, select the unroot option
  • Now your device will come to the original state.
  • After reboot, by using the Root Checker app verify your device has no longer have root access.

By KingUser

  • Open the KingUser app
  • Go to settings
  • Click the remove root permission
  • Tap the clear button to complete the unroot action successfully.
  • After reboot, by using the Root Checker app verify your device has no longer have root access.

KingRoot supported devices:

Latest versions of KingRoot Apk supports many Android models. Such as they compatible with 2.2 to 7 some of the devices that support KingRoot are

Samsung s6
Galaxy S6 plus
Samsung l9100
Samsung S5830Samsung l9000
HTC one V
HTC One XHTC incredible S G11HTC Desire HD G10HTC Legend G6
HTC Nexus One G5HTC Hero G3Sony Ericsson X10i
LG P920ZTE V880
ZTE N760Cool 5860
Lenovo music phone
Huawei c8650Meizu M9Oppo X903Galaxy Note (4G)Galaxy s5(4G)

KingRoot versions and capability to support

KingRoot app windows 4.8.1 update

For rooting Android 2.x to 5.1, enhanced performance and fix several bugs.

KingRoot app windows 4.5 update

For rooting 5.0 compatible, provides more stableness.

KingRoot app windows 1.1 update

Android 4.0 compatible.

Download Kingroot Apk For Android | FAQs

  1. Is Safe to use Kingroot Apk?
    Yeah, don’t worry guys Kingroot app is 100% trusted one click root app in the Android world.
  2. How much time will Kingroot app take to root my android device?
    Oh, it will not take too much of your wonderful time king root will finish it rooting work by less than 30 secs.
  3. Can I unroot my device using Kingroot app?
    Of course why not if one can go inside a room means he also can able to come out of it then why it will not be possible here don’t afraid kingroot app will perform unroot process also.
  4. What Are Android Devices Supported?
    Almost every Android device will be rooted by kingroot app such as Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, HTC, Redmi, Vivo, OPPO, Moto, LG, etc..
  5. Will Kingroot brick my device?
    No,  it will not brick your device.
  6. My Device is not Supported
    Oops sorry for that but wait for some time our Kingroot app fill find a way to root your device quickly.
  7. Are Older versions of Kingroot app available?
    Yeah, you can get Kingroot Older Versions from our site that to in free download.